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VoIP is low-cost phone service that uses your home high-speed (broadband) internet connection to transmit voice calls. It can be used with any regular telephone and it works even when people are online on a computer.

VoIP phone service typically includes many features such as nationwide calling, caller ID, call waiting and voice mail in one low monthly rate.

Meet Ooma

What is Ooma? Ooma is a simple little box that plugs into your high speed internet line and gives you unlimited nationwide calling.

How Are Ooma Customer Reviews?

Ooma ReviewsIt has 4-1/2 stars out of 2,350 reviews! Ooma is pretty much top of the line in customer satisfaction when it comes to VoIP companies and devices.

Ooma Rates and Fees

Simply buy the device for a one-time purchase price (about $200 from multiple suppliers on Amazon), and the only fees are about $4 a month in Federal taxes and regulatory fee (amoung varies by municipality).

Ooma International Rates

International long distance calls are extra but Ooma has a 1000 minute package for $10 and the other Ooma international rates are as low as other VoIP competitors.

Ooma Telo

Ooma_TeloThe Ooma Telo is the basic service device and Ooma sells the Telo for about $200 through Amazon and provides:

  • Unlimited US calling
  • Voicemail accessible by phone or web
  • Caller ID and call waiting
  • 911 emergency service, and more

Click here for more information or to shop Oomla prices and accessories on Amazon.com.

Ooma Telo Price: About $200, no annual fees

Note: There is a one-time charge of $39.99 if you choose to transfer (port) your current phone number to use with Oomla. Or there is no charge to keep and use the new phone number that comes with it.

Click here to shop all VoIP phone devices and handsets at Amazon

Lingo, QT Talk and Phone Power
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Magic Jack

Magic JackMagic Jack is a heckuva little phone product. It’s a small device, not much bigger than a USB storage device, and it is a self-contained phone service and phone number.

It is portable and and functions with any phone when it is plugged into the USB port of any computer connected to a high speed internet connection.This is how simple it is  – on one side is the USB connector, on the other side is a phone jack that fits a regular phone plug.

When you buy MagicJack, the device and price you pay includes one year of phone service. Each year there is an additional charge of $19.99 for one-year of calling.

MagicJack Prices and Options on Amazon

MagicJack Product Features

  • Includes nationwide calling throughout the U.S. and Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Is portable, will work on any computer where it is installed. Can take it with you to visit friends or on trips with laptop, as long as there is high speed internet access.
  • Follow-me feature means you can choose to receive incoming calls on three other phone lines as well. For examples, have it ring you at work, cell phone or landline in addition to the MagicJack phone, all at the same time.
  • Can be used to give people overseas a U.S. phone – thereby enabling to make and receive calls as though they are in the US, no international calling rates incurred!
  • Features: call waiting, caller ID, voicemail and enhanced 911 at no extra charge.

Magic Prices range from about $29.00 to $40.00 on Amazon

Computer Must be On and “Awake” to Make and Receive Calls

Note: The one thing to be aware of is that the Magic Jack won’t work if the power goes, or when your computuer is off or goes to sleep/into hibernate mode. For some people they’ll feel better having a back up phone such as a cell phone or landline.

Can Select Any Area Code, but Can’t Keep Existing Phone Number

You can choose an area code in your region, or you can pick one closer to a friend or relative who may still be paying for long distance calls. However, you cannot port your current phone number to the MagicJack account, you must select from a list of numbers and areas codes.

Can be Used to Give U.S. Number to People Abroad

One great feature of MagicJack is that it can be used overseas to obtain a US phone number. My wife’s mother in Colombia uses MagicJack with a Miami (305) area code phone number which lets her keep in touch with relatives in the U.S. without incurring international long distance calls.

Shop Magic Jack Prices on Amazon



Lingo, QT Talk and Phone Power

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Compare Lingo, QT Talk and Phone Power

Scroll down a little in the window below and click “Search” to see a list of rates and plans of VoIP phone service from Lingo, Packet8, QT Talk and Phone Power. These companies do less marketing than Vonage, for example, but they offer perfectly suitable service for home phone needs. Our home phone is powered by Lingo and we’ve been happy with it for more than two years.

Test Your Connection Speed

Does VoIP Work with DSL?

Yes, VoIP will work using a DSL internet connection. VoIP over a DSL line will work best if the upstream and downstream speeds are 64 kb/s or faster. Click here to test your internet connection speed for VoIP from Phone Power.


Lingo, QT Talk and Phone Power

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