Voice and Data Services for International Travel

Voice and Data Services for International Travel

Below is an excerpt from an article from the self-described “Travel Geek” of Forbes Magazine. He sums up in detail the international telecom choices he uses to keep in touch as he travels the world.

The section from the article on using local SIMs for voice and data is summarized below. For tech geeks and frequent travelers figuring out the local SIMs might be worth it, but

“If Leather SIM card holderyou purchase a local SIM card when arriving in a foreign country you can drastically reduce your communications costs in many parts of the world.There are a number of technical issues and caveats with different carriers and cards which I will detail in subsequent articles but the important point is that local rates are always less expensive than roaming charges both for voice and data. Some carriers offer separate SIM cards for each service, and some combine offerings.

I have SIM cards for many countries that I routinely visit, including: United Kingdom (voice and data), Netherlands (voice, data and iPad), Germany (data), Israel (voice, data), Dubai (data), and Panama (voice). In each country, costs are about equal for service. On average, my local SIM costs about $25 to purchase on a one-time basis and then about $30 per month for up to 5 gigabytes of data. Voice calls generally range from $.05 to $.50 per minute depending upon the carrier and pricing plan. Receiving calls on most GSM networks is free because these systems are based upon “calling party pays” billing.

See complete article here, Tools of the Travelgeek: Voice and Data Devices

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