Your Questions About International Sim Card Data Plan

Susan asks…

How do I switch to an international cell phone plan?

I am on a Verizon family plan right now but I will be moving to Prague for 2 years and I wasn’t sure what I should do about my phone plan. I have a Blackberry Tour which is a world phone so it should work while I’m in Europe. Verizon has an international plan that you can use but I feel like this might be a more expensive option given that I’ll be away for so long. I have also heard that you can get Verizon to unlock the phone, which I presume would allow me to use a different carrier’s sim card (mine says both Verizon and Vodafone on it). It is pretty important that I have data and email while I am there so I’d prefer an option that enabled that a relatively low price. I’ve looked through the Verizon website and a number of other questions on this subject but I can’t come to a definitive conclusion. Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks.

Pete answers:

The only international plan that they have is for data- no calling whatsoever.. You would be paying roaming rates for every call and text.. Verizon would disconnect your line anyway because none of your calls would be made from the U.S… You might be ok for data though.. I’d recommend calling customer service and asking.. International use is only meant for trips and vacations- not actually moving to another country.. And no, they will not unlock the phone

Jenny asks…

Has anyone had the $30 data plan added to their Oct. AT&T bill after using an unlocked smartphone after 9/6/09?

Has anyone incurred the mandatory $30 data charge for AT&T after using an unlocked smartphone on their October 2009 bill (whether it was previously on AT&T’s network like the Blackjack II, for example, or if it was an international GSM phone compatible with AT&T’s network). I’m looking to upgrade from my nokia 6555 (a mid-range phone) to a used Samsung Blackjack II smartphone, while keeping my basic phone in case AT&T catches on to my SIM card switching tricks. I just want to know if AT&T was able to detect anyone doing this similar plan easily.

Pete answers:

They can detect the phone that you are using, but if you didn’t buy your phone from them then they will not charge you for a data plan. If you get a free upgrade with them and get a smartphone then you will required to get the data plan also.

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