Your Questions About International Sim Card For Iphone 4s

Lisa asks…

Can I use a Verizon iPhone 4s they have unlocked for international use on T-mobile USA or AT&T?

Verizon is making me mad, they have had a congested tower by my house a long time, can I have them unlock my iphone 4s for international and then use a T-mobile USA or AT&T Sim card in it?

Pete answers:

If you get your Verizon phone unlocked for international use, that just means that you can use it with other CDMA services. Both AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM technology so even if your phone is unlocked, it will not work with those companies.

Mary asks…

Apple iPhone 4S official or unofficial unlock ?

LONG story short, I need to unlock my iPhone 4S to work on T-Mobile USA, i bought the iPhone from sprint through my cousins number, then swapped the number back to his old phone, and i kept the iPhone, I tried to call sprint alot to unlock it for me, they sent in requests for unlock, but I never got the ”Congratulations, Your iPhone is now unlocked” screen on iTunes, I think its because I lost the International Sprint SIM Card that was in there, now before you comment back and tell me im stupid and that the Sprint unlock only works for international, I CONFIRMED with Apple, that if Sprint actually sends in a Unlock Request and I unlock the iPhone through iTunes, the iPhone will indeed work on T-Mobile USA or any other GSM carrier in the world! By the way when sprint was sending unlock requests , my cousins number that the iPhone was purchased on, was active on the line, But I did lose the White Sprint SIM Card thing. So I don’t know if that is affecting it, I really need to unlock it, I don’t think going to an Apple store in the US and paying a fee can get it unlocked, But my brother lives in Cairo,Egypt, and I heard Apple Stores over there are kind of less strict with the iPhone Unlocking and maybe they could do it remotely if I give my IMEI and Serial number to my brother, and I have a Cousin in Kuwait, he has a contract with viva kuwait, and had the iPhone 4, if he goes to an Apple store over there, would they unlock mines through iTunes ? I really need to unlock it, I will pay a fee if i have to, Please help ! thanks , I am willing to unlock it via Apple officially, or via some other thing even if its not official, as long as my iPhone 4S is gonna run on T-Mobile USA, im good !

Pete answers:

Only Sprint can unlock the phone.

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