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Sandy asks…

What is the best international prepaid SIM card to get for cell phone?

My mom is leaving on a trip to Germany December 1st. She would like a cell phone to keep in touch with us in the States as well as contact relatives who are local in Germany. I have my old MyTouch 3G Slide that I have unlocked for her to use. I wanted to get things set up and ready for her, so she won’t have to worry about getting SIM cards and service and whatnot. I was thinking that an International SIM is the best way to go since most allow for a localized German phone number, and for a US number for us to call. After searching through them online I just seem a bit confused.I would like for her to have texting (not that she’ll know how to use it), and data service. Some online specify media/data rates and others don’t even talk about it. Some don’t even make rates clear at all. Do they all have texting/data service? What international SIM card is the best to get regarding coverage, data, and rates in Germany?

Pete answers:


I use a WorldSim sim card and it works from me!

They have free incoming calls in several countries including US and Germany and a UK and US number.

Check their website and see if it suits your needs also.

Hope it helps!

Betty asks…

What prepaid international sim card is good to use for travel to europe?

I’m going to Europe in the summer (Austria and Greece) and would like to bring my unlocked cell phone which is 4 band frequency, so i know it will work and not using my US cell phone provider. My question is since I’m going to more then one country I know that I should get an international sim card but which one??? I will be making calls national and international and back home to check on my family and they will be calling me so I would like the cost effective plan/card. And activate it here in the US. OR just tell me what you did.

Pete answers:

Since you are traveling to multiple countries your best bet is to get a Europe SIM from RebelFone:

Same & low call rates throughout EU, order online before you leave, cards comes pre-activated.

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