Your Questions About Unlocked Gsm

Paul asks…

If i bought an unlocked GSM phone could i use it with verizon wireless?

Im planning on purchasing the Motorola SLVR L7 Silver from a third party site and its unlocked GSM. Whatever that means…can verizon wireless turn this phone on for me?

Pete answers:

No you can’t use it, sorry :( GSM uses a SIM card to store information, Verizon wireless does not use that information.

Susan asks…

Can I use and unlocked GSM Phone with Straight Talk?

I was in the store earlier today, and I was looking at the package on the Straight Talk phones and on the front of the package it says Straight Talk is running on the ATT GSM Network, witch is weird because last I knew Straight Talk ran of the CDMI Verizon Network, So since it’s GSM Network, If I unlock the ATT LG Prime, Can I use it on Straight Talk?

Pete answers:

Straight talk says no, but i have put my straight talk sim card into an older unicel phone which is unlocked and it worked just fine. So i would say yes, as long as the phone is unlocked. Good luck.

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