Your Questions About Unlocked Gsm Phones

Betty asks…

How do unlocked gsm phones work? Will Tmobile be able to tell I switched phones and charge me more?

I have a tmobile account with a sidekick and i want to get an unlocked gsm phone through a 3rd party retailer. Would my bill be affected or continue to stay the same. I have unlimited texting,nights,weekends and email. Will tmobile be able to tell I switched phones?

Pete answers:

T-mobile can tell the model of your phone. Everytime I change sim cards they can tell what phone I have.

David asks…

Can AT&T iPhone 3G sim cards work with unlocked GSM phones?

I have T-mobile now, and later this year I would like to switch to AT&T to get the new iPhone 3G. But I’m using an unlocked GSM phone right now.

I would still like to use my current unlocked phone when my iPhone is broken/unusable/whenever (after I switch servers).

So can I use the new sim card (that i will get from AT&T for the iPhone 3G) in my current unlocked cell phone?

Pete answers:

Yes you would be able to use it on your unlocked phone.

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