Your Questions About Unlocked Gsm Smartphones

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know if these phones are smartphones? Samsung B3310,LG KE970 Pink Shine,LG KS360 blackberry pearl.?

Ok, I’m a verizon customer and after I graduate college, I want to change my service to AT&T with my boyfriend. I did a search and AT&T is second best behind Verizon, but they have a few things I like over Verizon. Now, I want a smart phone, but I don’t too much care for the styles are colors of AT&T smartphones. So my boyfriend suggested, that I buy an unlock phone, which I researched and it’s basically a phone that has a Sim card, with all your account information on it, and you can take it out and switch phones or phone carriers anytime you please. I found out that the GSM phones are “unlock phones”. So long story short, I did a search on Pink GSM Smartphones and I came up with those four phones above. I did a individual search on each one, and I realized that some of the phones were just text phones and I’m not sure about the other two. This will be the first time that I will own a smartphone, and I’m not sure what to look for!

Pete answers:

AT&T might have the 2nd best coverage in the US, but as far as customer satisfaction and reliability of it’s network are concerned, it’s the bottom of the heap.

Any phone not designed for AT&T will likely not be able to access their 3G data network, and since you are looking for a “smart” phone data speeds will be important.

I suggest you take a look at T-Mobile at what phones they have, especially any of the Android phones, and if they have coverage in your area go with them. It will be cheaper, more reliable, and less frustrating.

John asks…

What are some cool / unique GSM phones? (ATT Tmobile)?

I need a prepaid phone, so gsm network phones only. like att or tmobile. I dont want a normal phone. like all the smartphones are large touchscreens. All look the same to me. I like japanese phones and think theyre unique but to get them here theyre like $800.

I like the kyocera echo, but its for sprint.

I like the Dell Venue Pro, but its running Windows 7. Which i hate.

I like the Sony Ericsson Equinox(i love flip phones, like japanese ones.) but it has only 2.2″ screen?And i heard bad reviews about it.

I like the Blackberry Torch that slides up (dont know what model ) but you need a data plan..

I like the Dell Streak Mini 5 because it has a large 5″ display. But its a little pricey because id have to get it unlocked to work with tmobile…

Do you have any phones to list that you think id like?
I also like the kyocera neo, but its for metro pcs..

Pete answers:

I think you should go for Android. I would suggest you the Samsung Galaxy Note / Samsung Galaxy Nexus which are one of the best smartphones right now. They’re GSM too, so you can use them on AT&T / T-Mobile. You can also get good Japanese phones which are truly awesome and with loads of features. If you need these Android phones or Japanese phones factory-unlocked at reasonable price, you can mail me to

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